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Hey guys I have heard that Bungie is going to give away some more goodies for those that have the Bungie app. Do you guys know what goodies they are?


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Um, where did you hear that? Bungie Day has come and gone. Any goodies that Bungie is going to give have already been given.

Bungie did say they would give more goodies with the App.


Wither they'll be true to that is unknown.

Maybe the goodie can be the Bungie app on Windows Phone.


If they are going to really do it wonder what they will be? Heres to hoping for something goog. I would like to see the helment with the world on it. Thaty would be cool.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that any gifts we get won't be Halo related. They're done with Halo, and the app is called Bungie Mobile. That means that they'll be updating it to include stuff other than Halo content eventually. It's not called "Bungie Halo: Reach Mobile" for a reason. I seriously doubt that we'll ever get more Halo gifts from Bungie.

It would make since to me that they might give away a few more Halo related items. Bungie doesn't give up Reach to 343 until the 2nd of August. But I will have to wait and see.