Bully - Scholarship Edition

Hi. Im on about 87% and I left the lawn mowing jobs so I can do them when everything else is done. And they have just dissapeared? Only Paper Round is still there. Even though I have completed that to 100% on my Stats. What do I do? I have spent so long on this game to get 100% and it seems to of Glitched.... Again!! Thanks for any help to resolve this. And I have already tried restarting the game. Nothing..


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Why don't you try loading another save. I always have a backup save to evade glitches like the one u mentioned. 

The devs  only released a patch long time ago that fixed some of the problems; do u have that update?. Although , i loved the 360 version...PS2 version is still my favorite.


BTW, this is Xbox forums not Rockstar forums.