Bulls - Trade Rose and 'start over'?

I haven't been in to basketball since the Jordan/Pippen era.  I'm trying to get back into the nba and I don't know much about Rose.  I turned off injuries and started a 'MyGm'.  In 5 games he has hurt his knee twice, including tearing his ACL.  Since I turned of injuries he is fully recovered by the next game....but it's getting old already.

I'm thinking about unloading boozer, rose, the bulls 2014 & 2015 draft picks (among other players) to acquire 2-3 lottery picks.  

I'm going to keep Noah and probably keep Hinrich/Fredette for my bench.  I love Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson but I don't know if there will be room for them once I acquire the players I'm eyeballing.  It's kind of a silly thought, but I'd like my line up to look like the following:

C - Joakim Noah

PF - Doug McDermott

SF - Jabari Parker

SG - Andrew Wiggins

PG - Free agent/Jimmy Butler/Hinrich/Fredette

I downloaded the 'top downloaded' draft class and it has two of those guys projected as non - lottery picks.  So I could potentially get my ideal roster.

Should I move Rose and try to build a young roster or stick with him and hope for the best?


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This game has Rose's attributes set pretty high and he's ranked as one of the top PG's in this game...so I see no reason to try and dump him unless you're simply not a fan of playing as a currently injured star.

I ended up trading and cutting everyone except noah and rose.  Butler wanted 4 yr - 28 mil...but he ended up taking my 1 yr - 1.5 mill offer.  Drafted Jabari Parker #2, Exum 12 and Marcus smart @ 28.  All three were steals in my eyes.  Signed Pau Gasol to a one year deal to fill a void at PF.

C - Noah  (Lopez)

PF - Pau Gasol (Rookie)

SF - Jabari Parker (Snell, Dunleavy)

SG - Dante Exum  (Jimmy Butler)

PG - Derrick Rose (Marcus Smart, Hinrich)

First game I played was a blow out.  There are too many scoring options to cover.  My bench mob is better than most teams starting line ups.  The only cons to my team are 0 draft picks next season and an old PF....But I will have a ton of cap space to work with and the majority of my team is very young.