Does Bulletstorm have  an auto aim or aim assist feature in it.,  Can they br disabled?


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I'm not sure but the game is boring.

Bulletstorm is without a doubt the worst and most boring game I have ever played.   completely repetitive even more so than COD.    its litterally one game that I completely regret purchasing and it's not even worth 10 dollars used.  that's how bad it is.

and to answer your quesion no it does not have auto aim.   because the entire game is supposed to this creative way of killing your enemies from decapitating headshots to removal of limbs.   and that's all it is.  from campaign to multiplayer.

I'm pretty sure there is an option to turn auto aim off. I have the PC version and I think there was an option to turn it on if you were going to use a controller.

And this game is a blast. The banter between the characters is often hilarious. Very amusing. and there are some great set peices. Especially when controlling the giant robot.

THis game is loads of fun and even the multiplayermode, with a good team is tons of fun.

Bulletstorm is great fun, you guys must be playing it wrong if you find ig boring.

How do you play a game wrong? especially a game that pretty much tells you to try and wrap a flail grenade around this guys head.   or kick this guy?   in both campaign and multiplayer.     after doing those things about 5 times each I was bored out of my mind.    I've tried to like it, numerous times. I had to do something else after 20 minutes of playing it.   I made it to only chapter 3 I think and havn't touched it since.   $60 on about 3 hours play time.      I just don't see what people were raving about or the reviews it got.   most I figured were gears diehards and were just trying to justify their  purchase of the game for the gears beta.  

Bulletstorm is awesome fun. Each to their own, but I can't see how it could be boring. :P

My favourite part of the game  was when you shot the guy and the guy died.

I loved the exchange

" I'm gonna kill your ***!"

"youre gonna kill my ***!?" " I'm gonna kill YOUR ***!"

I enjoyed the game. I'll admit it isn't an intense thriller with twists and turns throughout the gameplay, and it's by no means a 'Game of the Year'... but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was boring.

You just need to play it as it was meant... as a game where the only real object was to cause as much pain and carnage in the most inventive ways possible. If you're looking for a tactical shooter, than it's not for you. But if you're just looking to blow things up and watch body parts fly, Bulletstorm is the game you want.

As for the Auto-Aim, I don't recall if there was an option for that or not.  If there is the option to use it, I didn't have it turned on.

Yep, Bulletstorm was certainly mindless fun, nothing cerebral about it you could just relax and play the hell out of it doing trick shots etc.

I had a blast playing it. But that's because it was a game that was meant to be just crazy stupid fun.