Bulletstorm Picked it up today.

Today i traded in a load of old games and got LA Noire and Bulletstorm (not played it until today). I thought i would have a quick go on Bulletstorm and then go on LA Noire. Loved the story in Bulletstorm so much that apart from an half an hour break for something to eat i have played it right the way from start to finish in one go. I just found the game really fun to play after the let down of brink. Going to go onto Xbox live in the morning. I will start LA Noire on Sunday i think. I got Bulletstorm just to have something else to play i did not expect to enjoy it this much. Anybody else really enjoy playing it.

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Bulletstorm was really good. Very unique gameplay and nice storyline. Both games are a great pickup because your going to love LA Noire too !!

whats live like on bulletstorm?

You may or may not love LA Noire.  There have been some people who hate it.  I would turn all clue assists off before starting it and really think about the clue-finding as the fun-factor.  Don't just try to get past the crime scenes as if they're part of the motions.  And interrogations are freaking frustrating sometimes.  Read the manual before playing because I guarantee you that you're not going to understand what the "doubt" option really is.

Hmm, maybe I'll try bulletstorm now

I also think Bulletstorm is awesome. I bought it becuase i found it pretty cheap but didnt know that i would like it this much. I love the dialogue especially when you control the robot and sing the song about Ichi and killer robots. I also loved this exchange"

" I'm gonna kill your dicks!"

"You're gonna kill my dick? What does that even mean? ... I'm gonna kill YOUR dick!"

laughed my ass off.

I also bought LA Noire as well. Liking it alot. really cool story telling and i love the searcing for clues. I turned all assists off right off the bat. really cool game.

at the moment it's on offer at Game £29.99 with 1000 (£2.50) extra reward card points. I traded in a load of games so i got 400 points per game on top of the normal trade in points. I also had some points already on the card which took the game down to £19.99.

It also has one of the best endings i have seen in a game.  I knew what was coming but when he was asked did you see god and there is a pause then you hear God is dead.

I want the next game now.

i havent beaten teh game yet and i stopped reading your post as soon as it looked like you were going itno a spoiler. I hate spoilers.

nothing to much like a spoiler. I hate that as well.

no worries, all that counts is this game rocks. Though I find that online people dont understand that its a team game and to pass the higher waves you NEED team work. people justrun around trying to kill everythingbefore someone else does.

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