Building campers....

In Kill Confirmed.LOL!!

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I'll take these over the d-bag teammates who know I just got the kill and rush to take the tags ahead of me. Wish you got more points for a teammate confirm and they got 25% less.

^^Nah, at least they are playing the objective, which I cant say about the building campers.

   Tags dont appear in buildings???? When did they start that?    

^^Its easy to kill people when sitting up in a window, but going into deadmans land to retrieve the tags IS playing the objective, eh? People (that we are talking about) just camp in buildings and dont go retrieve tags after getting the kills. Thats what I am talking about anyways. And yeah, tags appear in buildings when you kill someone in there, but they probably wouldnt leave the window to get those in the doorway either.

  ^^ Was being sarcastic. But I still dont have a problem with guys shooting people out the windows and not retrieving tags.


    Kc is probably one of my best modes ......... ( thats not saying much ... lol )  ... but most of the time I run knife only. I run into the enemy territory both getting my own kills and picking up the tags from those window shooters and ssrs.


  It works good if you just accept that person's playstyle and work as a team. I think it works fine. Guy in the window gets the kills, draws attention away from me, gets some ssrs ....  I collect the tags for the team and myself.


   People just need to stop complaining about the other guy and learn to work together regarldess. A hand with 5 thumbs isnt much use, nor is a hand without thumbs and only index fingers..  It takes different fingers along with a thumb to make a hand work the best it can.  


  You arent going to fix the other guy, the most you can do is what works best with them and hope they follow your lead.

For some reason when I entered this thread I though you were going to be complaining that this game "builds campers"


"Happy Drinking"

I sit in buildings to cover an area through a doorway or window for my teammates in KC all of the time. Once I get a kill or 2, I announce it to my team so they can grab the tags while I cover them with my LMG. It's not camping in this case (I do move from location to location) because I'm fulfilling a specific role in order to help the team win. I just happen to be playing offense & defense simultaneously while others are runners & tag-grabbers. It works out surprisingly well if you're playing with the right people...

  ^^ Sure it is. Its effective, and you are indeed filling a specific role   ..... camper.

   Nothing wrong with that.

people that dont collect the red tags **** me off thats one less kill for the other team if you grab it just dont walk passed it

I don't have a problem with them,It just seems strange that they don't want the points,Specially on Nuketown DXP.Just made me lol abit.They can't be that worried about their KD,Mine took a beating but i was happy for the points and weapon unlocks.

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