bugs so far

first and foremost ----- the pause/faceoff/fight loop glitch is already being used. happened to me three times so far. 

the hip check is way overpowered --- they dont even have to touch you and you still get knocked down. 

the left to right movement for the goalies is way too slow. it was too fast last year but they made it too slow now. 

no matter how many points you have in balance, you get knocked over way too easily. 

the club cooldown needs to be removed or fixed --- because its just ridiculous that a few bad apples can ruin the game for the majority of players. 

just my .02 so far


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Agree with the hitting to a point, but how many points can ya have in balance, game just came out unless people are juicing already

Can't connect to the ea servers, theres nothing to do it just wont connect

also when i play a game and finish it and come back to the menu, there's no more music in the menu. I need to reboot the game if I want music back.

This is the worst version of NHL so far

then there is the hut card pack problem. which they say they are working on but i have yet to get an acceptable answer from EA since tuesday.

consider the no-music a good thing. you will be tired of it in a week or two anyway. if i hear " mony mony " one more time i swear i will stab my cat

Hey Now Don't be knocking Billy Idol & his song Mony Mony i think that was one of the best songs to come out of the 80s and one of the best songs in the game and will never get old or tiresome to listen to that's like ELO's song on the game called "Don't Bring Me Down" another awesome song.

ive been buying nhl for the past 4 years now and im glad i didnt buy it this year its the same bugs stupid ea

Custom Music FTW. Amon Amarth, Slayer and SkeletonWitch go perfectly with hockey.

stop whining legion wha wha wha. . oh and i visit this forum every couple of years so feel free to waste a clever reply here if you so wish.