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Not sure if anyone else had noticed this playing the game but there are a few bugs that i feel need to be addressed when(and IF) the next update comes out ...

  • Firstly the point of food not stacking is one i'm sure you've all tutted at during your time playing the game - if this alone was addressed, it would make it a much more enjoyable game as by not stacking it takes up farrrr to much inventory space. Keeping with the theme of food - i think that cows and perhaps even zombies should drop meat, all too often i've been killed caught trying to find a pig for food when surrounded by monsters etc!! 
  • Secondly, Boats!!! have any of you tried to ride them? they are stupidly slow and diffcult to ride at times and i have had this case once or twice now where a boat has glitched into my house and become stuck in one of the blocks rendering it useless (both the boat and the block).
  • Thirdly, Getting into the more technical side of things and making Animals able to breed would add a whole new level of playing to this game and would certainly keep me interested in carrying on playing - which i have to admit at the moment is becoming difficult
  • Fourth, The inclusion of things like Enderman and Enchantment rooms etc. would just give me the user that much more purpose as i believe i have done everything (so to speak) that can be done at the moment with this game and without the update cannot do much more!!

What do you think? What updates do you want?


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Oh I don't think those are glitches... They just haven't been added in the xbox version. They'll probably be added soon... So let's just be patient ;)

op all these things you listed are in the later versions.  we are currently playing the 1.6.6 version, none of these were existing on v1.6.6(pc). i think the next update will give us v1.8 with hunger bar etc and also don't think we will be able to enchant items until the 2nd or 3rd update.

Not glitches, but stacking food will help out a lot. But I have had some glitches with boats (them turning black, floating in the air, and getting stuck in blocks).

^ This is excatly  the thing i was talking about with the boats ... so annoying and needs to be addressed soonish!!

to solve the food problem you could always just make a gang of double crates and make some ONLY for food and so on... since crates are very easy to make right off the bat. (i understand thats kind of a pain in the butt for some of you out there from the pc world of minecraft but hey, its a sensible solution for the build we have presently.)

i see what youre saying tho, im not trying to be a dink. these things will undoubtedly be addressed at some point in the near future! rejoice.

Hopefully these things will be adjusted in the future.

Also, With boats, personally, I've had no issues with them, They're slightly slow, But apart from that, They're fine for me.

Might be because i've not played the PC version, So unsure of how they should be.

The Next update will bring this version up to 1.7.3. However all the things the OP is asking for (apart from Boat not working as they should, which where never really fixed) where not added to MC:PC until Mojang released the v1.8 Adventure Update. Looks like we will be waiting until the second update for these things.

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