Bugs in my game. Help? (Mild early game spoilers)

I love this game but a few things are irking me. I will be as vague as possible so as not to spoil anything even if you just started. First problem is I can't interact with Chop the dog as Franklin. I could when I lived in the ghetto, but now that I have a nicer place, I can't at all. I see the dog bone on the map but there's nothing I can do to get him to follow me or interact.

Second, I bought the cab company with Franklin and they told me I'd get free rides now, but every time I call the number the line is busy since I bought it. Is this a bug? I'd rather have just not bought it and paid for the rides if I cant call them ever again now.

Third, is that Michael's main character car seems to have gone missing permanently, not in the impound, not at the house, haven't seen it for a while.

Trevor's game is perfect thankfully but these minor glitches with the other characters are bothering me. Anybody else experiencing this or know what's going on?


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Thanks for the help. I already beat the main story missions so it's not that with the car. I had it and now it's gone. I want Chop to come with me on errands now, wish somebody could help with that more.

@F0Z 28, you were right about the two cab numbers after you buy it. I was calling the wrong one, thanks, I feel stupid for that one, you'd think they'd give the contacts different names though

Regarding CHOP I can't really help as I don't have much use for the dog at all to be honest so just leave it.

As for the cab company, you may be ringing the wrong number? As Franklin you have two numbers once you buy that frim, the first one is a direct line to the manager I think. You want to scroll down a little and ring downtown cab company (or something like that) to order a taxi. Then it will be free to wherever you wish to go :)

As already said, your snotty little brat of a son has taken your black sedan. You'll get it back later. If it's not that then I believe their is a few issue's with the in game garage and storing cars. You'll have to look that up some more though.

The Chop part, yeah I dunno. I wasn't paying too much attention but even though he is moved (well his dog house), I don't think for that time being you can interact with him. Like I said though, I haven't really played enough with Chop but it was the same for me.

I haven't bought the Cab Company yet but usually (with other "busy" calls/ internet), I just try again later in the Game after a Main Story Mission (or whenever) and it works.

Micheal's black car disappearing is normal in that part of the story. His brat kid took it and sent you a Text about it. You get the small 4 door for a while.