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For some odd reason I can not give the Jarl of Whiterun the axe from Ulfric Stormcloak. It has an arrow over him to do the quest but there are no dialogs options to give it to him. The briarheart quest of course and the white phial quest. I also can not give my crimson nirnroots to The lady at the nirnroot farm. Again, has a quest arrow over her head but no dialogue option to give them to her. And I have talked with her extensively and repetitively. I also cured my lycanthrope but guards and people still have the dialogue with me when I'm walking past like I still have it. I also have 4 dragon skeletons flailing around the courtyard at the college at Winterhold. It's funny, but annoying.

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I have another one to offer, which is that during Darkness Returns, I believe, in the Twilight Sepulcher, if you leave the dungeon, the first door behind G** locks and you can no longer deliver a certain artifact to its rightful owner, preventing you from completing the Thieve's Guild Quests.