Bugs, Glitches And Modded Servers In Old Games...

Why old games like the ones released in 2007 never get most of their bugs fixed? There were a few bugs, glitches and modded servers that weren't fixed with 2007 games like The Orange Box (Team Fortress 2) and Assassin's Creed on my Xbox 360:



Anyone else having same or similar problems with their old Xbox games?


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because they are old and the developers are working on new titles and supporting newer titles with patches.

I guess you're right but I'm asking if anyone is having these problems with their old games, I heard that CoD4 is from beyond worst...

I don`t play old Xbox games so I don`t have any problems with them. If you honestly think you`re going to buy a multiplayer game from 2007 and expect it to be full of people without any problems then you`re fooling yourself.

Most of the games that are released have bugs, glitches, and problems that are not, and never will be fixed.  

2007 was NOTHING compared to the bug infested game that came out in 2009 2010.  In fact 2007 was actually one of the best years for the 360 IMO.  

You can buy Shadowrun and it plays just fine(actually awesome) and it came out in 07.

Only on PC will developers support their games years after release