Bugs after update

I just got the update and ever since that when ever i go to call in an air strike or most other score streaks i just get a fuzzy screen!! Really annoying!


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Happened to me once when calling in a lightning strike - The overhead tablet view was blurred. Lots of people reporting the same thing over on the official COD boards, so hopefully they'll patch it ASAP

my entire screen froze in a game of HC TDM. I  couldn't move or even back out. I had to dashboard.

Yeah the fuzzy screen happens to any SSR that requires you to pinpoint strikes like LS or Stealth Chopper. Hope things improve. Until then...wing it

I had this happen with the lightening strike a couple times.

I had a Guardian in a care package become a Sentry Gun after I picked it up.  I can live with that bug.