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What xbox game did you play that had a lot of bugs? For me it's Crysis 2. I do have alot of fun every time I play it online though. People say it's bad but I get so many kills I don't even notice how bad it actually is.


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Without a doubt, Gears 2. I cannot wait for Gears 3. Just 1 more week.

Yeah, Gears 2.  Years later and you can still get under maps which makes some games impossible.

Although it's not all as bad as it was.

F1 2010 was basically a Beta on a disc, it eventually got patched but I'd lost interest in the game by then. More recently El Shaddai, the game has a really bad frame drop/black screen bug that renders the game unplayable. Only happens on the 360 version and to a handful of people. After waiting months for this to release in Europe I'm one of the unlucky few to be affected :(

Fallout New Vegas was pretty bad.


Alone in the Dark has a level where you drive through this long 5 minute section, only to reach the end where you drive the cab up stairs and out a window. It kept glitching and the world would disappear, so when I jumped out the window...I just fell into a black hole. Took like 15 tries before the world loaded and I was able to continue.

Saints Row 2, got stuck in a few walls and froze countless times.

Gears 2 yet I still love it.