Bug with "Trader Escort" " I can't leave to Darkwood Weir and enter Barrow Fields...

Has anybody else seen this: in doing the "Trader Escort" I can't leave to Darkwood Weir and enter Barrow Fields.  I parked the traders at the camp, and went and beat the Troll. When I went back to get the traders, the red block is still up, I can't leave... the Troll doesn't want to seem to respawn either.  

I guess I'll restart the mission but it's odd. Thanks! 


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Well i park mines in the very beginning to wipe out all the mobs 1st. Can't say I have not ever been able to find them afterwards,

I can find the traders again, the problem is we can't leave Darkwood Weir after I've defeated the troll... the red semi transparent clock is still on the door...

Odd.... hope it not one of those game breaking bugs.

Has anyone found a way to fix this? I'm having the same issue...just got the game today too.