Bug reporting thread for latest Fulgore/Lobby patch

Hey guys, so far this is the best patch to come out I beleive. 

We will be posting actual patch notes later as we receive them, but for now please post any bugs you come across in this thread right here:

Things Ive noticed, game in general looks a lot more polished right now overall.

Bugs ive noticed:

-In a lobby, if someone rage quites, the whole lobby gets kicked

-In customization mode, for me anyway, thunder alternate costumes only half of them were actually showing up on Thunder after selecting them.

That is all. Thanks guys, report anything else here!


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The connections in lobbies are so fragile that if you sneeze while playing you'll get D/C'ed

I'd really like some patch notes. No one seems to want to answer on twitter when you ask them about it. We? Got a mouse in your pocket Shuoink? lol. jk.

I'm not sure how much of a bug it is, but I noticed when I searched for a lobby I wasn't presented with a list of lobbies to chose from but dropped me into a random lobby of 2 people someone else created and put me in the contender spot. Basically, I lobby crashed someone else's game and booted someone from a contender spot.

So downloaded patch and BOOM! Saved game was lost. The game remembered how many KP I had but my Rank is gone, all my titles, all the unlocks, all gone.

Achievement unlocks are spotty at best. Was in a lobby with friends; Spinal's Matchups unlocked no problem, but Fulgore's Matchups didn't, even after defeating all eight characters. Sparring Fulgore for winning a versus match didn't pop until halfway through the next round, and Stylish Fulgore didn't unlock after purchasing Skin Color 3. Haven't had any problems with tracking or achievements unlocking previously, so I hope this gets rectified at some point.

I"m still missing the achievement for General Fight titles with 65 fight titles.


I'm got a problem unlocking the 60 general fight titles achievement. Currently at 65/66 and it's still not unlocked.

Little help please

Gamer tag: lord webster901


In 'search lobby' screen, the description of 'lobby name' is 'name of your lobby'.

This is not a lobby creation and it seems like, it's just a artifact from lobby creation screen.

Only problem I've come across is the game randomly returning me back the xbox home screen and then me needing to restart it again.

The radioactive symbol on fulgores shadow meter flies up and off the screen as soon as the match starts.

Just want to commit on the new lobbies.  Love them but they seem a little bugged.  Seems to kick people out of the lobby every so often and especially when there are more than 4 people connecting to the lobby.  Best way to describe some of the issues are;

1 ) When you are not playing and spectating one person might get kicked out and an re-invite gets sent but puts them at the bottom of the queue.

2) This can occur with more then 2 people at times putting the both at the bottom of the queue to fight.

3)  The whole lobby gets disconnected.

4) Rinse and repeat for steps 1 - 3.

P.S New to the forum.  Can we please update this for the the KI or other communities.  Hard to navigate and find where to go.  Please keep up the good work and thanks for a Great game!!!

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