Bug on insane delivering food, maybe not known.

I was just playing the section of the game where you have to put the food that Cole collected onto the platform and I think I got a new bug.  The loader was damaged but most of the Lambent Locust where dead bar two, one of those was killed then I jumped into the loader, rushed forward and delivered the food to the platform, to prevent the loader being destroyed, before running back behind the first hard cover on the left of the narrow walkway.  I threw a frag which detonated the drudge that was left with the extended arms and a pod on the stalk was caught in the blast.  I just thought... that's an extra, did I hit a pod?  when the game ended with a failed message saying:

'Mission failed, you fell to your death, try to defeat the Gunker before it destroys the elevator'

There was no Gunker in it!

Is this a bug or exploit or what and has it been recorded before? 


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Have you played this same section more than once with the same results? I'm wondering if a hunker accidentally "walked into a wall" somewhere and got stuck and you weren't able to see it. That's the first thing that comes to mid.

No problem for me what so ever.