BUG: Missing tavern in Kinston

After completing the game I am going around picking up items. I notice there is no tavern in Kinston town Harbor I even cleaned my content several times and there still is no tavern in Kinston. There are several glitches such as this one around the world map mostly I have encountered missing collectables after the main story line was completed.


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Re:  Assain's Creed IV glitch.  I have an underwater dimensional glitch @ Annotto (?) wreck dive area where I'm trying to reach a cadaver on a platform of stairs and a treasure chest.  (Area is also marked "red" restricted and you can see the red soldier icons on small circular map.)   Once underwater in said space I am stopped by a single dimensional break up of the entire underwater site and basically keep swimming into a blank "dimensional wall", unable to climb stairs or swim site to reach items.  Anyone else have same problem/solution to fix glitch?  HELP, PLEASE!!!!! :)  P.S. My actual online gamertag is FF Mel (need to change from this one just assigned)

Delete your content on your box just head to settings, hard drive, click on system items then delete content. This might help you out the only other try would be is to delete the game and start over. I see no new fixes coming for this game.