BUG: Campaign progress and Loadouts wiped after TU/Majestic DLC

I've completed the campaign twice on Heroic and Legendary and now it's showing only the Prologue mission available - and yet I still able to resume progress in my last played mission which is COMPOSER! My multiplayer Loadouts have reset twice this week and gold stars appear next to everything already well unlocked and I have to remake all of my classes, armor colours, emblems, stances etc etc. It's really FRUSTRATING and time consuming having to do this over and over again. Even my saved option preferences reset and I have to redo my sensitivity and stuff. Also, the 'Welcome to Infinity' CG movie plays every time I enter multiplayer - as if the game thinks I'm a rookie again. WTF?! My rank and stats are preserved just fine! This is since either the Title Update or my Majestic download. Please help!

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I've noticed a user called "EmptyDemonKilla" on this page of the official site's "Known Issues" thread has the same problem: forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst130475p346_Halo-4-Known-Issues.aspx

I can't post there myself since I got banned for flaming a few times, even though it was REALLY mild stuff, I thought :-(

I'm getting it after most recent (as of 8/21/13) title update and I downloaded the Champions bundle. My armor, campaign, and skins are all there, but my loadouts lost all the vanilla game attachments and my SR points are 2. It says all are unlocked, even though it prompts me to spend points on it.

I too had all my loadouts wiped, and my armor was changed.

All of my loadouts, armor and spartan points wiped as well