BTW, does anyone play ME3 online anymore?

Just got the triple boxset. But there a 0 people online on ME3 multiplayer. What happened?


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Not sure. Haven't played it in a long time. I'm down for some ME3, if you need someone to play it with :) Can't say that I'm that good tho <_< Have you checked the ME3 forums?

Well I remember playing ME3 quite lately and I found a game quite easily but if you are looking for people just check to forums and there may be some people willing to play with you.

this is a forum, isn't it :P

May have better luck posting in the Mass Effect 3 forum. More dedicated players there I would imagine.

that's a help. thnx!

i still play Me3 multiplayer so feel free to add me.

Please do let me know before hand who you are and how you found me otherwise i may end up rejecting the friends request.


I love me3. I think the reason it's in decline is because of all the cheaters. It's really annoying when you put on your best items for a platinum game and someone gets infinite rockets. If you see anyone sporting the striker shotgun or hear anyone fire off all their rockets at the start of a match you might as well back out or you're just going to be bored for half an hour.

The decline in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was and is caused by several reasons.

1. Unpatched cheats/exploits that allow players to breeze through even the top level difficulties.

2. The repetitive and unchanged nature of the multiplayer.

3. The lack of new content. Bio has stopped with their new characters/maps so it is getting increasingly stale.

Also, make sure you have ALL of the free multiplayer map packs downloaded else you will find very, very few people playing as you must have the same packs as others to even connect to them. Hope this helps!

I guess if I want to complete the campaign, I have no choice but to play it.  : (