BTB will dominate unique player count- guarantee

it is the most fun, allows the teams to turn the tides easiest ( no just camping on 3 choke holds and shooting opponents like fish in a barrel),  and allows you to experience the full use of weapons and vehicles in the game.  Allows the perfect combination of Halo and Batttlefield.  I just wish they had BTB skirmish and BTB slayer playlists separated.  I've been playing games since the Atari, SNES, N64, PS1, Xbox, PS2, 360, Xbox One.  4v4 is so static and boring.  BTB is dynamic, constantly changing on an epic scale ( even more so now with larger player counts), and more fun because you can use vehicles, shoot from far but in BTB objective games ( which I hope they include) you still have up close battles to control the bomb, flag, or territory.  Exile is the best, most replaysble map made since Halo 2 and Terminal, Headlong, Relic, Zanzibar, etc.


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