Browsing the marketplace and saw this....                                                          Are they really charging silver members MORE for this than gold members? How they got away with this I dont know...better question is, why would a silver member even buy this if its for the MULTIPLAYER?


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It's probably just to lure silver members into becoming gold members. Just a thought though.

I can't see how they can justify even a 1800MSP price tag for that. Why does anyone pay for weapon skins?

I bought that pack actually, it's awesome

Not sure what the reason is, except that one of the DLC's got cheaper after I already downloaded it. That kind of makes me angry. They should atleast retro it backwards a few days. Really it is just a small perk for paying a little extra for Gold.

gold is better then silver, why in the world would anyone want to only have silver anyway?

Things go on sale and things decrease in value over time.


The skins are on sale as part of the Deal of the Week. These deals are Gold-exclusive so in this case, yes, they will charge silver members more for the same content.

Yeah, I was gonna say, the skins were on a week long deal but only for Gold members, so they would be cheaper than for Silver members.

[quote user="TeddyBearAsura"]

Why would a silver member even buy this if its for the MULTIPLAYER?


A SIlver could still play most Multiplayer things.

(Horde, Private Versus, etc.)


I know a silver that dislikes multiplayer,

and she has been a member of XBL since Halo 2 Halcylon days.