Browse Add-Ons/DL Content for My Games only ...

Going back a very long time ago there used to be an option in the old dashboard to list add-ons for My games only.

I can't find anyway to do this now.

... Showing me lists of hundreds of add-ons for games I don't own is completely meaningless.

... I really don't have the time or the patience to search through the add-ons one game at a time on the off chance there's something interesting.

The new releases list shows the latest 100 add-ons ... but that only covers 16 games of which 3 games have over 20 add-ons each listed.

... can't this list at least be grouped so there's only one icon for each game and the list covers 100 games?

The recommendations list shows 10 add-ons covering games I actually own but again there's only 3 games covered because of multiple add-ons.

I used to use the old add-ons for my games regularly and I used to buy stuff. Often on impulse.

I rarely even bother looking at add-ons now and as a consequence I haven't bought any for ages but I definitely would if it was easier to find them.

Surely Add-Ons for games you own should be front and central on the add-ons page ... Am I missing something?


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