Which do you prefer AC II or Brotherhood?   Also, how is Online Play. I am thinking of buying Brotherhood after I finish AC II.


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Off topic this is sad now we have to start everything over because of this stupid new forum.

On topic i love Brotherhood for gameplay, AC2 for story. Now im not saying Brotherhood doesn't have a good story it does just not as great as AC2. TBO im against online play for AC so im not going to post about that.

Yes, AC2 has a great story, really cool if you like history. Not sure how historically accurate the game is, but Da Medici looks like the paintings of him!  I've been wanting to play AC2 for a long time, just now getting to it and I have marathon sessions playing.  It really feels like a virtual world.  Also very cool that using brains to outwit guards is very satisfying instead of hack n slash. But is it really good when I feel pleasure assassinating Alberti?  I know I am near the start of the game, and for many here AC is very familiar. I have only been playing for about a week.

I will likely try Brotherhood, heard it has many cool new features.  But curious why the online is not good.  

A lot of people like the Online but me i love the single player experience.

The online is great..... when you can play it.  I do love it, so just know that before reading the rest of my post.

That being said, the matchmaking is absolutely terrible.  A lot of times you won't be able to get in.  But when you do, you'll be glad, as this multiplayer provides fantastic gameplay, and while it's not necessarily new (There have been a couple of games with this style of MP) It is a definitely welcome break from the run 'gun of CoD.  One thing you should know is that for this MP, Strategy is key!  Don't go in there thinking, "Oh, I'll run up to this guy and stab him.  He won't be able to do anything to me."  he will.

So, yes, get this game, get AC2 as well if you can.  Both fantastic, I love the AC games, and here's to the anticipation for Revelations!!!

[quote user="daveyj66"]

Which do you prefer AC II or Brotherhood?   Also, how is Online Play. I am thinking of buying Brotherhood after I finish AC II.

[/quote]I like both AC ll just as much as i like brotherhood both the stories were great a little short but still good. the online play is ok but no where near great. its a hunt and stalk your prey kinda of game. but no one every does that they just run around so it makes it really hard to stalk  the person your trying to kill. but i still play it and i don't want to deter you from playing it cuz everyone has their own preferences .


I prefer Assassin's Creed II over Brotherhood storyline wise and because the game was more polished in general. Brotherhood wasn't bad though, the story was good and I absolutely loved running around in Rome (again). For MP, it's not perfect, with all it's matchmaking problems and lag but when it DOES work, it's absolutely wonderful! I love it

I hope this game is good

Both are pretty fun games. If you like Assassins Creed 2 then you should like Brotherhoods for the most part. Gamestop also has it marked down now to $30.

Overall I have to go ACB ( just for MP).  AC2 hands down one of the best games I have played.

S/O to shotgunshine for the price info at gamestop. I almost never shop at gamestop, so who knows when I would have realized they were 20 dollars cheaper than walmart.



My first experience with this series was when my brother got the PSP bundle with Bloodlines...I went with Gran Turismo. I played it, a little, didn't interest me very much, so it was left alone. I actually still have the gamesaves on my PSP. Then, my stepfather was playing AC II in the living room on the flat screen like a year later, and I asked him if I can play it later. He let me play it a bit, but I didn't wanna just be sitting there playing on his console all day. So eventually, when I got an xbox in my bedroom, I played AC II from the beginning. I beat it twice. Second time was because everything on my hard drive became corrupt.



I loved the gameplay and story. There were some parts that I didn't really like, the part where they killed the youngest brother, etc. But it was a great game for me. I like the type of strategy games where you have to actually use knowledge to progress. You can't just slap a few puzzles and riddles in a game and call it a strategy game. I haven't played The first title, but I will remedy that this summer. The introduction of the Gun was nice. Not always very accurate for me, but it was fun hearing that loud bang. Finding the Assassin's Tomb was so much fun it was crazy. That was probably one of the funnest parts of the game.



I also liked the money system set up. Cash would be deposited every 20 minutes in the Villa...BTW, am I the only one who noticed that it isn't actually every 20 minutes? IT was also very exciting for me to try to rush back to the Villa to scoop up the florins before they were over the max and lost. The thing that pulled me in and kept my interest for the most part the Templar Factor. I have been interested in Templar's since about the age of 15, so that's what pulled me in. I'm 20 now.



Now, my assessment of Brotherhood. I'm glad the intro didn't just pick up anywhere. IT showed them actually traveling to the Villa in the present day. I Thought getting into the Villa was a bit more involved than it should have been. But alas, we made it inside and the story got started. Hated them killing Mario Auditoré, but it pushed the game along. My absolute favorite part of Brotherhood was training the recruits. I actually lost one of them in a fight, but eventually I hardened them up and had them all at the top level in just a few days. I liked tapping the button and seeing them literally come out of nowhere, kill everyone, and be gone in 30 seconds. that was just awesome. And when it finally came up, ARROW STORM was pretty cool. My first full Assassin was a girl...



The Christina Missions...although they had no real purpose, they were nice...I had hoped it meant they would be together when it was all over, but with the information from Revelations, it looks like they'll never each other again. And there was a part when Ezio and Leonardo first meet up in Rome...some of my friends say something happened but I didn't catch it. The tools he gives you in the game were alright. Aren't they always?



The ending when they found the Apple where Ezio hid it in the Colosseum was kind of intense. It took me a while to get to the Apple. The voice was quite distracting at first, but I got used to it. Then when Desmond killed Lucy, In was so surprised and amazed. And then that part with the voices, I never understood what happened. I thought they were found by Templar/Abstergo Agents. I read in GameInformer that they were actually found by other Assassins. did the others find them? Hmm...



Online Multiplayer Modes. I liked it. MP was good, once you understood the different modes and how to play them. Some people said it was a bit hard at times to find a session. I almost never played alone; I was always in a party with my friends while the session leader searched for a game. Gameplay was nice. Leveling up seemed to take forever. I also think there were a few too many online achievements...I don't like online achievements very much for any game because not everyone has online access. IT seems a bit unfair. But hey...I'm just one gamer.



My final part...I can't really say which game has a better story. It's not like it two different versions of the same story. It's the Beginning and Continuation of one story. Therefore, I can't compare them in those terms. I will say this, however. I liked the Elements of Brotherhood more. with that said, I'm buying my own copy of it. Oh...I forgot to mention these were both my Stepfathers games and I beat them both before he did.




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