Brothers in arms 4 Furious

[quote]The title is clearly inspired by Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards movie, and is a notable departure from the serious WWII of previous action/strategy games in the franchise.[/quote]


First CoJ now this....As a gamer that enjoyed previous BIA games im a lil dissapointed.


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Wow, really? This is the best they can do for a BiH game? Looks like a rental unless a preorder some some good stuff with it.

Same, I dont even know what to think of the new BiA game.  I loved HH, and was looking forward to a new one, but not this....secrect Nazi army?  Are they going Zombies on us now, or taking MOH Airborune Route with super ***?  Or Wolfenstein with Occult *** and magic

As long as it's 4P Co-op, i'm sold.  BIA:HH had no Co-op so I passed on it.

thats shallow, as you missed out on a really well done SP and story.  

I really enjoyed HH, but wasn't sure about what I saw at E3.  However, a bit early for judgements. Ill wait for a bit more info, and then decide if i'm interested..

Hell's Highway was a brilliant game and I recommend everyone pick it up at this point because the story was brilliant. I'm not so sure about Furious 4 but hey, it seems like it could be a fun rental at the absolute minimum. Hopefully it'll release over summer so I have plenty of time to rent it.

Im saddened by this new direction i was so excited when he came onstage and said Brothers In Arms then the trailer ran and my joy was gone so fast. To me its just BIA borderlands.