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The Brotherhood of Valor is an online gaming community devoted to several different gaming platforms. The Brotherhood of Valor (BHV) was created to provide a place for mature, friendly, and dedicated gamers to connect and share their passion for gaming. BHV is here to provide an environment in which like-minded gamers can come and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. To implement and foster community camaraderie, BHV operates on a military type ranking structure, which helps establish a solid community foundation. While BHV does operate on a military type ranking structure we do not take ourselves too serious. We do have rules and regulations which must be followed to establish and maintain maturity and respect for one another, but we believe ultimately in having fun and that is why we are here.

Our hope is for BHV to be a place for you to join and be able to feel as though, when gaming, you are part of a "Brotherhood" and not just an empty gaming community.

So if you are looking for a place to game where you are respected, have advancement opportunities, and enjoy a team atmosphere then BHV is waiting for you.

*All skill levels are welcomed at BHV as we have several different squad types.

*BHV welcomes all gamers over the age of 16 years old.


Stop by our website and see if BHV is for


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Cmon and stop by the website or Add us to friends on live and well let you know what were about, we have a variety of different skill level players from the laid back lets go in and shoot to the very competative type we take em all.

We understand Fam and real life are always first, and none of our players have an elitest attitude so there are no expectations of what happens if I have a bad game.  We just like to BS and shoot together.

BHV is for all types of players. Even if you feel your game play isnt that strong other members of BHV will help you. Gaming with other people is a lot more fun then gaming by yourself, especially when that group you game with are all mature and respectful but still having fun. Drop by the website or you can message me on here if you have any questions.

BHV is actively recruiting for Xbox players to join our Call of Duty and Battlefield Divisions. We will soon be starting a Gears of War Division when we get enough interest and support. We are a small yet growing community with mature, friendly and dedicated gamers. We hold inter-clan tournaments and have a place for all skill levels. You are invited to check out our website and see if Brotherhood of Valor if for you.

BHV is the perfect clan. I am very new to CoD and the members of the site have all stepped up to give me any help needed in becoming a better gamer, but more than that the friendships that have been created take the gaming to the next level. Throw in the fact that the clan is set up with a military type structure in mind and for a former member of the military such as myself it brings things to a level higher than just friends playing but a "Brotherhood". Whether someone is a beginner at the fps style games or a seasoned veteran Brotherhood of Valor is the right choice for taking your gaming to a level beyond the ordinary clan setting.

BHV.....Maturity,Respect and Valor, not just virtues but a way of gaming and life.