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I was just heading to Underworld to pick up Fawkes and found that Brotherhood of Steel Paladin dead by her post right in front of the Washington Monument. It was a little upsetting because she was one hell of a fighter. There were dead creatures and Super Mutants all around her post. What I'm wondering is will another Brotherhood of Steel member return to take her place and hold down that post, or is that area lost? I've found plenty of dead BoS members dead out in the Wasteland but I never noticed if any new Paladins come to fill the place of their dead comrades.


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I dont think the game is that complex. They will fight and even if the BoS soldiers die, the mutants wont really take over.

3 in game days they well respawn, same thing with raiders located in the bethesda ruins buildings. so they well come back, so go ahead have some drinks explorer some more. don't worry about it, just like santafoo say the enemy wont really take over that outpost.

Unfortunately once the BOS personnel croak , their gone. Unlike the re spawning raiders of Bethesda ruins and the raiders located out from of Super duper mart. They do not re spawn. You will fine more remote out posts that belonged the BOS in the game, one being at MDPL mass relay station South of Roosevelt academy, but not remains only the BOS emblem on the wall.  Would have been handy to have then re spawn though. Think of all the energy weapons You could have collect along with power armor.