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Looking for a few people to do this achievment with.. It's the only dam' achievement I don't have.  The one where u have to finish mission 4 on heroic without any of the marines dying.


It's impossible on single player because there is one part where you have about 5 marines and they all run out into the fight in different directions.  I tried with my son once.. Whenever a marine would die, we would just revert to last save, BUT in the area where you have to wait for Cortana to open the door and you are fighting all the Promethians, as soon as Cortana opened the door and it saved, we noticed a dead marine on the ground... AAAGGGGHHHHH !  . .  It's definitly a 3 or 4 person job.. Anyone want to join ?  Save some lives..... Think of the children.. These Marines have to get back to their families & it's up to us to help them.


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Just make sure there are 6 live Marines before you open the door because the achievement pops up when you all start to go inside.

i beat mine, why? how? because one of them lagged out, and ended up stuck inside one of the rocks/building pillars, and had no way to get out, hence, no way to die.  i was surprised that i got it because we got OWNED lol



oops wrong mission


I got mine the same way. Some heroic marine got stuck in a building pillar. There was a serious pool of blood where he was popping out, but he was too much of a commando to go down.

I would like to help. Add me if you have an opening. Im usually available after 6pm EST

Hey man I did this solo and also noticed 2 dead marines on the ground near the turrets at the last part but those aren't part of the 6 marines that need to be kept alive.  They will always be on the ground no matter what.

we finished the mission and didn't notice any other Marines dead anywhere & didn't get the achievement.... maybe someone else died somewhere and we didn't see it.