everytime on every file i try to start the honest hearts dlc, i put all my stuff in the crate tell him i'm ready to go, everything looks fine loads for about 4 seconds then everything freezes and goes black, i've tried everything from deleting my dead money dlc to just clearing my cache, nothing works. Uninstalled from hd then reinstalled and still nothing, i haven't tried with a new character with out the dead money dlc loaded, but i shouldn't have to because my friends loaded up no problem and he had all dlc loaded. I bought this dlc at 11am est YESTERDAY and still haven't been able to play it, and no one has nothing to say about it.


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Ive had that problem in the vanilla version of the game, you might want to try doing it on another character, thats what I had to do.

what's the vanilla version? i bought mine in michigan at great lakes crossing to be exact no pre order dlc, purchased dead money.  I just moved all my old saves and dead money to my flashdrive now going to redownload update/HH and start fresh... i guess we'll see what happens. I thought it was my xbox but i took my flashdrive to my friends, recovered my GT downloaded the dlc loaded my game, talked to the guy then bam black screen. He has the newest black xbox with all the touch buttons, so i'm a little relieved i dont have to shell out 200 to play an 9dollar dlc product