broken xbox ?

so im playing blops and it says i got kicked out i start the game again and it says reading but it stops and does not load i  tried three other games and the same thing happened i followed the rules and cleared my cache my xbox does not have a hard drive so i cant remove it what else could it be


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What year Xbox is it? Is it an old Arcade unit, since you said it doesn't have a hard drive? Is it a new slim model with the built in 4 g.b. flash drive that replaced the old Arcade units? Is it a new Slim unit? Kinda hard to say since you don't list the type.

sorry its the new slim 4 g.b flash drive

Could just be the game servers or could be bad connection on your side. Try restarting your console.

XBOX LIVE is up and

i tried restarting it like 20 times and nothing worked and it cant be servers the game wont even load

Is it just the DVD games or are you having trouble with Arcade games as well? I would try an Arcade game to see if you have any trouble with that, single player offline of course. What I would recommend is copy your save data over to a flash drive. Then reset your console to factory defaut settings under the settings menu of the dashboard. Are you using a wired or wireless connection? If you reset to factory default you will lose your data so remember that, but if you reset the 360 then uplug for a minute or so from the power supply and still have the same issue I would contact customer support because you have done all you can do.

I had the same thing, my dvd player thing was broken. Bought a new xbox this year, since the old one was out of warranty.