Broken Game

Not sure what happened here but at some point some of the letters disappeared!

Could someone fix it if possible please? :p


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thank you @skowy, that is good to hear at least that the game state was unaffected. We're looking into this, essentially it looks like the move was obviously successfully played on the server side, but the error did not properly force a refresh of the game for you on your phone.


My tiles didn't disappear when swapping but after placing them.

I have uninstalled and installed it again and they have come back, I did wonder if it would work.

Thanks, I can continue the game now.

anyone with this issue, can i ask you to try something? If you uninstall alphajax and reinstall it, does the board then look ok to you, do the tiles come back? Don't worry, you won't lose anything, doing this will confirm whether the issue is the state of the game on your phone or on the server. thanks.


I think this is issue happens in rare cases after swapping tiles, did that happen shortly before the problem in your games?

Essentially what happens is that a played tile gets swapped from a rack (when a move is played but not updated on the phone) and this then goes back into the "bag" and returned to the players when it should not.

A server patch has been issued which will stop the swap being possible. If you get into this situation you should get "Unable to play move" when swapping and a restart of the game should resolve everything.

Played tiles should never able to be swapped and we're continuing to work to try and resolve how this may be happening for some users, it does appear to be quite rare though.


I've got the same problem, I played the word armour of an existing 'a' I got an error message saying it couldnt be played or something, but it went to 'their turn' anyway.

It showed up on my brothers phone and he played 'onto' off the 'o', when it came back to me 'rmour' has disappeared and I have a 'nto' not connected to anything.

No idea, sorry! :(

I've had the max games on the go, so simply haven't kept track.  

From counting up the tiles I can see that there are 5 missing but that's the limit of my knowledge.

Hi Repo-

can you tell us what letters disappeared?

I just encountered this awhile ago.

As you can see, I played the word "ZIT", but the letters I and T have vanished.

If I try to place letters where the I and T used to be, I get an error saying the tiles cannot be placed.