Broken Discs Replacements

This is a topic about broken Xbox 360 discs  I was thinking because I have a few discs that are partly broken due to the amount of play time and handling.

 I was thinking that since a disc its self has a very low cost, and I assume that putting the game on the disc is pretty easy and not costly. Why not allow broken disc trade ins? You give the store your broken disc and they give you a new disc without paying 60 dollars for a brand new one.  

Even if the company wanted to charge 5-10 dollars for it, that's better than paying 60 or being without a game.  What I was wondering, is this possible or am I just thinking of awesome ideas that would benefit that buyers out there. 

So is this a reasonable idea? Because I think a lot of people would love this.

Comment below and tell me what you think!


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The shops would lose money. Plus if you have alot of broken discs then you're clearly not taking care of your games very well.

Most all compaines already have a broken disc replacement program. If you look in the back of a game manual or at the individual compaines website you will see that most replacement programs are between $15-20. If you happen to break your CD or scratch it up you can get it replaced. MS has a list of almost all of their published games for a replacement cost of 20 bucks.

Just a tip here, but I would suggest investing in an accordion case. It drastically reduces the wear on your game discs.

I did not know that. I appreciate that information.

Thank you!

I have had discs replaced. My Red Dead Redemption disc was scratched and didn't work. I sent a few e-mails to Rockstar and they replaced it for about $8. I had to mail it to them, they mailed back a brand new one.