Broken - Daggerdale: Dungeons and Dragons

To start with, this is here because I was on the phone with Xbox support, and this is specifically where I was told to list this problem, I notice it was moved, but again this is specifically where I was told that it is supposed to be. Remove Daggerdale from the Xbox download page.

This is a very, very broken game.  Not just a little broken, not that it needs a patch to clear up an error.  More like the game was simply never finished obviously never play tested, and while not finished it had a large bomb go off inside of the only computer that had the notes for the game.  Kind of like the E.T. game for the Atari, maybe worse.  As of 9/27/2011 this is the 4th time since the start of the summer that Daggerdale has hit the Xbox live download page.  To sell this product is basically stealing money from your customers.  You flat out refuse to refund money (unless we call almost weekly for 3- 4 months)  This game needs to be removed from the download list, not a price reduction, straight up removed.  There are a ton of good games we will spend our 1200, or now I guess 800 points on.  Games where you do not lose specific functions of the game like in here, to lose your skills, stats, weapons, ability to walk, ability to even remain standing, ability to not get stuck in walls, and so on.  For months now you have all said when I call in that you will look into it.  It seems as though the only thing you are looking into is getting money for a bad product.  This is a bad idea for a company.  It makes us fearful of downloading future games as we know you won't stand behind them, and are perfectly willing to scam us.  Check out the Atari forums yourselves, and you shall see just what I am talking about.  When we contact Xbox Support they say the developer is the responsible party.  When we contact the developer... they just don't respond.  Bedlam games it seems may be on the verge of going out of business.  Atari seems to have lost almost all rights to the D&D name, and as such they do not really care about us anymore in relation to this game?


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