Broadcast Failed - Unknow Game?!

So basically, all I've done since I got home with my game, decided to boot up the game only to the title screen, booted up, I'm just setting Twitch broadcasting for the 1st time.  1st thing I actually noticed was that it wouldn't give me a camera preview and yes, Kinect was checked.  Kinect is plugged in, I know it sees and hears me just fine.  I went to the next step, and just as the title says, Broadcast Failed, and just before I get the option to try again, I notice Unkown Game.  I don't understand what the problem is, I installed the game, I updated, it won't even broadcast Killer Instinct for that matter.  Am I doing something wrong?  Do i actually have to have a multiplayer session started 1st??  If anyone has any possible info, leave a reply back.  thanks!


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That same thing is happening to me bro, your not the only one, there are others with the same problem. It worked for me the very first time of me trying broadcast out on twitch and its been downhill since then. I should've taken advantage of it the first time. Lol

Yea, i figured out why m broadcast was failing at last,  of the related settings other than uploads was off, I forget which because initially I thought it mean it would automatically upload clips bu I guess that's not the case.  the unknown game thing took a few tries, though, few different games, too.