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I was just wondering out of the games Brink, Crysis 2, or Homefront, which if any you would recommend getting. If you don't recommend any then write what you think  is worth buying! Please write a game which has already been released

-Thanks for the help!


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I have Crysis 2 and I like playing it. Brink is an intresting team based game and out of the three I think you should get that. The online is more than just run and gun like the other games.

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Apparently, the communities are dying for each one.  I would stay away from FPS titles right now if I were you because it seems as though a lot of developers are tying to get their hands on some quick cash by making big promises to hype up just another title to be released of the genre.  (That was a long, poorly put-together sentence... =[ )  But yeah, stick with long solo or RPG titles.

I have both Crysis 2 and Brink, so I don't know about Homefront.


If you want a great single player, go for Crysis 2. Great and intense SP.

If you have a bunch of friends playing Brink atm, go for that. Great fun.


This is only my opinion, after playing both games a lot.

Im actually having abit of Fun in Homefront atm...crazy ehh.

Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 is amazing. Definitely the one worth buying.

Homefront is one of the worst FPS I've ever played and has a bunch of multiplayer issues.

Brink gets boring fast and has multiplayer issues.

I only played the Crysis 2 beta but alot of my friends have it and keep recommending it to me. As for Homefront what can I say, HATED IT. The was only about 7 single player mission and storyline was weak. MP is really un-balanced and for the first couple of days could not get into a lobby. I have not played BRINK yet but for what I have heard is it quite good but is in need of a patch soon.

If you are a Halo fan then I would have to say get Crysis 2, if not then I think BRINK. As far as Homefront goes, buy Battlefield BC2.


Homefront is great fun the singleplayer is good although short and the multiplayer is one of the best i've played it's fast paced and action packed.

Crysis 2 (played it on a different account) is ok. The singleplayer is very good but the multiplayer is too similar too Cod and the maps are rubbish except for one or two.

Brink is a lot of fun, people actually work as a team and the action gets really good towards the end of each mission.

Overall I would get either Brink or Homefront as i had the most fun with those 2 and I'm still playing both of them a lot.

No FPS has changed anything in years, their pretty much the bread and butter genre of games now.

Dont get any of them. None of those three games are made good enough to pay full price. Maybe $40 for each of them but that still seems a little high IMO. Go for battlefield: Bad Company 2 is what I'd say.

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