I am an everyday player. Played HC Headquarters and loved it. Why **** with something that is or should I say was very realistic for a game that is. I should not have to pay something I don't want in-order to wait for the HC game I want to play. If I would have know these changes were going to be permanent I would not have bought the new map pack. Sure Core guys hate HC players and HC players hate Core guys but hell how many chioces does the CORE game mode have verses the HC game mode..Thanks for *** up the best game out there,,,,or was the best game out there. I am not going to purchase the new MW3 game in NOV because of this. I mean why pay $70 bucks plus this new charge they want to try and hit me with for a game that they can just go in and freaking change at any time.  Looks like COD just lost me (and i know i am not the only one) as a customer.  Maybe next time some dum-@@@ will think a little before changing a game that people loved just the way it was. I mean its was the #1 game for a reason,,,,,,,,,NOT FOR MUCH LONGER!!!!


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Yea, I just wish they would give us hardcore players the same choices as the core players. It's bullcrap, just give us all the same gamemodes.

um... sir..MW3 is made by someone else so chill man. i somewhat agree with you but just saying