Bring back RalliSport Challenge 2 to either Xbox Arcade or Xbox Originals

I recently got back into and oldie but still extreme goodie, PGR4. To this day even my friend's Grand Turismo5 on PS3 or the new Forza Horizon still doesn't have all the bells and whistles and all out fun PGR4 has and its now FIVE years old!!!!! But Im here to talk about an even older but also extreme goodie... Rallisport Challenge 2....

The reason I mentioned PGR4 is because it reminded me of Rallisport Challenge 2 and how much more realistic and advanced it still is to current rally games just like PGR4 is to street / track racers. I will never forget the time I was running a time trial on RSC2 and half-way through after a jump, I had trouble turning right and couldnt figure why till I finished and watched the replay. Apparently I had completely ripped the left wheel off when i landed and it went flying parallel to my car for about 50yrs! I was driving with only 3 tires and everytime i tried to turn right, the left brake rotor dipped into the dirt preventing me from turning! To this day I haven't even come close to that kind of simulation on DIRT or DIRT2 or any other attempts at rally racing.

Sad was I to find out years later when I was sure Xbox was done doing the backwards compatibility list, RSC2 was not on the list and worse, proved that it didnt work when I tried to play it on my Xbox 360. I hear Rallisport 1 is compatible, but even though I never played 1, I read and viewed videos that showed it just didn't compare.

I don't understand why games like Rallisport Challenge 2 fall to the wayside and do not get re-issued or continued while other crappier games like Sega Rally do. Im blindly hoping that Xbox isn't one to not know a gem when they see it, even though maybe sales at the time of the original didnt show it. Obviously this game didn't get enough notice or marketing to get it to be at the top of the radar list for remakes, but I can assure you that anyone who's played it can agree that it is still (realistic and physics wise) the best rally game on console, and a much better choice than Sega Rally!!!


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Sega Rally not only is a crappy racing game but its Sega Rally Online Arcade was removed from the marketplace due to licence issues, I think.


Sega should just bring back Sega Rally of Saturn or Dreamcast.

I would love if they bring this game back even as an HD Remastered :)

I'd pay for an X1 version of the game... even if it was just a straight port from the OG box.

Used to play RC2 to death on the original xbox & would love to see another one but the developers went out of business years ago so doubt it will happen