Bring back painkiller

Remember how in MW2 spawn trapping never existed.  After someone was spawn trapped 4 times, that tiny little pill popped up and then the spawn trappers would get screwed over.  Yet you people cried about cause while you were camping in the corner tryna get a nuke, the pill dude would killa you cause you can only play stationed in one spot.  Well now it's gone, and just like every other FPS, spawn camping can now happen.  Was it really so bad that someone got a cheesy kill cause of painkiller, not really, the guy had already died 4 times in a row.  MW3 definitely needs to bring back painkiller.


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A more effective fix would be not making maps where you can camp in one point in an FFA match, and spawnkill several people before they even have a chance to move.

Or making a much more reliable spawn system. IW/Sledgehammer failed on both of these counts, and I don't think they care about FFA enough to fix it.

Pain Killer wouldn't be that bad TBH. Especially if it was unlocked before Final Stand so that I'd have something else than Juiced to begin with. Oh and spawn killing can be done in pretty much all the games, sad but true.

[quote]Oh and spawn killing can be done in pretty much all the games, sad but true.[/quote]

True, but it happens much more rarely than in FFA, where it can happen five times in a row or more, if you're really unlucky. People even spawn on each other, for some odd reason.

It's something they really should be focused on fixing...but they don't. ;/

I rather have the spawn of MW3 ´than spawning out of the borders in BF3 just because I managed to hit to spawn on a jet and someone elsedid that same thing as well... :(

   I had a riot shield class setup for that for a while. Then once I took out the guy spawn camping I would just keep going back and sitting near his camping spot. If someone spawned and ran I would ignore them. If they stopped I would thump them.  For a while even I would always use a shield on dome and do nothing but police the loading dock.

  Its funny because once I spawned twice in a row without the shield and was killed by the same guy sitting in the same spot. Third time I spawned with the shield, he fired one good burst at me ....... then ran and never came back to that spot the rest of the match.



    Dmh is also good for those who find spots to camp real close to a spawn.

I think I'd rather just bigger maps and less direct, offensive spawns for Multiplayer.

death streaks are socialist. Its easy to not get spawn killed, dont suck. IMO

Well spawn trappers in demolition are horrible since you really have no way to get out of the loop at all. One good thing though is only experienced teams or at the least fully semi decent parties can get the trap on.

Bringing back painkiller is not a good idea. Its bad enough final stand is in this game already. Painkiller was the bane of my existence on MW2 as a speed rusher. I run up in their face and clearly out play them only to have them kill me after they should of been dead. Personally deathstreaks are horrid and I never understood the concept of rewarding bad players.

[quote user="Domuhnic"]

death streaks are socialist.


 I agree ............ you shouldnt give to those who need it ..... give to those who already got.

O . right. Thats killstreak rewards.

How about instead of rewarding people for constantly dying, they should just step their game up or leave the match. If you find yourself being spawntrapped, it's your own damn fault if you keep respawning instead of just backing out or even allowing the other team to get to that in the first place.

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