bring back old good games

Xbox/Microsoft should bring back jetset radio future back it was the best under rated game on the Xbox. i feel it should be brought back like Halo, Mgs. can  this be done?


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Please don't.  I've been playing since Intellivision and Commodore 64 and old games are best left to our memories.  I've been disappointed too many times by re-releases of games I remember fondly to want to wreck my memories.  My fist play through of MGS on my PS1 was awe-inspiring and I want it to stay that way.

^But it never hurt of port it thought. Becoues not everyone has a PS2 laying around. Or a copy of the oringal MGS game.  I am fin as long it can bring in new fans of the game that never played it. And get achievements whole like me to go back playing it with achievements.

This is an old game?  Now I feel old.


You now what I'd buy on the marketplace?  Chuckie Egg 2.  Now that's old.  If they bring it back keep the awesome seizure inducing loading screen.


I know some are dead against remakes, re-releases and stuff for some reason.  I don't mind though. Some have given me a chance to play games I've missed out on.

Also what not perserved and saved for fatuer genaration. It will disapaiered from history forever.

Even ports are a let down.  They remind us of how far games have come and older games very seldom hold a candle to modern releases.  Even those old RPGs you remember for their awesome story lines will drive you crazy with crappy menus, terrible combat and graphics glitches like clipping and screen tearing.

No way.


I went through the crap-fest that was FFXIII.  Promptly downloaded FFIX FROM PSN and had a blast. And I'd never played FFIX so it wasn't nostalgia leading me.

I like to perserved that game for the fatuer gamers.  Becoues thoese game will gone from history  if they do not port it to a newer console. It be gone. And no one in the futuer will know the game. Becoues they think it was never made.