Bring back Nuketown 24/7

I love playing CoD black ops, but then I get annoyed by Try-hards, then my friend introduced me to Nuketown 24/7 and it was so fun. I enjoyed it so much. then either Treyarch or Activision took it off, And I was wondering either people complained or people didn't like it, So I called Activision and they said, "Nuketown 24/7 is a game Treyarch adds to the game once a month." so 1 month has past and it was still not on. so I called again and they said the same thing. And I know Activision is not lying because I bet they get 1000s of calls a day about it. I just thought i'd post this so people can tell me about why its not coming back on the servers. Thank You

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This would be the only playlist I'd play if they brought it back.

i'm not one for the 24/7 but i think it would be nice especially for people that just picked the game up to make double xp permanent. i can see only having double xp when the game first came out and for new dlc, but after a new game in the series comes out double xp should be left on for the duration of the games life. i think it would help bump the player count up too because i'm sure every time theres double xp the numbers jump.

nuketown isnt a very good map, why not 24/7 hazard or 24/7 jungle

stadium 24/7 or summit 24/7 are better

I think that Firing Range or Nuketown are the best to run a 24/7 on. I would like to see it available in Hardcore mode to.

bring back cod4 lol..and waw minus the hackers.

they had ton of players that played on the lobby but probably lost users on it and not as many were playing it so they usually end up shunting down the lobbies.

Well I do like your 24-7 ideas but everytime Nuketown gets on the list, the the whole lobby votes on nuketown. thats why I want activision or treyarch to put it back on with double XP.

they did 24/7 firing range recently.