Bring Back Michael Ironside

Bring Back Michael Ironside to play the voice of Sam Fisher.

Fellow gamers, sign the petitions online for this change. 

No offence to the new actor but if they change it too a younger voice, all that genuine Fisher personality will go out of the window. Besides, it looks like Sam gets younger and younger after each game.

(George Lucas didn't change the voice of Darth Vader between films, because it would have broken the flow of the character. So let's not have that happen to Sam Fisher)

Please bring back Michael Ironside.


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Screw your petition. It is far more important to me that the gameplay is done right. If Michael Ironside plays the voice of Sam is not going to make or break the game. Michael Ironside is getting old and he can't play Sam forever. Besides he is mentoring Eric Johnson on how Sam Fisher is supposed to act. Michael Ironside can't do motion capture and voice act at the same time, he would probably keel over. They have Eric doing mo-cap and voice acting at the same time to make it more immersive. I think a lot of people don't know what they are asking from the developers to have Michael Ironside do all the voice acting.

Do you know how old Michael Ironside really is? just turned 63, I know a bunch of people that old who still play sports so don't underestimate a person based on their age, besides I'm not here saying that splinter cell games will last forever like you say because sooner or later they will end. And if you're talking about gameplay than why not play on James Bond or Max Payne with a younger more energetic character than a in-depth character more mature and wiser. Seeing that you are only content on gameplay I assume that you won't be interested in the story mode and will probably concentrate on multiplayer. This is more for the story mode.

Now they can keep Johnson but in that case have him play another character in the game who is the main character and have Sam as the new "Lambert" of 4th Echelon. But to change completely the tone and personality after more than a decade is a snsitive thing to do. (there's about 1,500 people who already agree)

Actually I am quite excited to play the single player story. And after they totally screwed up the gameplay for convictions single player I think it is more important than having Michael Ironside as the voice of Sam.

By the way did Michael Ironside sign this petition?

[quote user="BumbleBlitz"](there's about 1,500 people who already agree)[/quote]

Millions of people pay money for CoD, doesn't make it right.

You and I have something in common, conviction was rubbish in terms of gameplay. Always preferred pandora tomorrow and chaos theory. I'm quite sure he didn't sign the petition but past events have told us that petitions can sometimes help and anything is possible. (example: David Bateson was going to be dropped as the voice of Hitman but with the help of online petitions, etc...) he was brought back for Hitman : Absolution. So why won't it work this time?

Because they are way too far into development. We don't want the same thing to happen to Blacklist that happened to Conviction. They scrapped the entire project about 3/4 of the way through. If you are still not convinced this is going to good for Splinter Cell watch this interview.

Michael Ironside and Eric Johnson

Conviction went back to the drawing board because before that, it looked like assasins creed besides it introduced a more combat style because Maxime Béland said he was aiming for a new SC gameplay in conviction. He found the others to be a bit boring or not exciting or some thing like that. So his idea wasn't going to change anyway even with this drawback.

As for the voice, I agree that Johnson is a good actor and that more and more gamers are used to motion technology like in L.A Noire but they should use Johnson for his physique and Ironside for his voice. I don't see the problem to voice over with Ironside, besides it won't take that long to change it's like dubbing films in another language.

[quote user="BumbleBlitz"]it's like dubbing films in another language.[/quote]

Right. You want them to dub in Michael Ironside? So you would have all the characters in the game have amazing face and lip animations except for the most important character of all? It would look absolutely ridiculous if they just dubbed over Eric Johnson's facial animations. I would rather read subtitles than listen to something that was dubbed. I think I am done with this conversation.

It's the same language so the lip movements will be the same --' (that's the advantage of dubbing in the same language, it's very much similar)

I'm not happy with the switch either, but Michael Ironside said himself that Johnson did a great job. He talked about not wanting to play Fisher anymore since Conviction. We'll just have to see if Ironside is right about Johnson.

I will miss Ironside will a passion ... no homo. He MADE Sam Fisher. 

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