brightwood demon door

can anyone help,when i walk up to the door the stupid thing keeps coming out with the same thing are you still there go and find anther door,i cant because i've opened the rest of them 


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The Brightwood Door can be a tricky sod to open, well, more like a pain. If you have the Knothole Island DLC you can get the required Hairstyle and Moustache/Mutton Chops in the same place, so long as you have recovered the first totem. Otherwise you can get the dreadlocks from Bloodstone and the Mutton Chops from Bowerstone Market. (Which, unless you are already sporting them he chooses something else, it's been a while but might be the Mullet hairstyle and the moustache, the one that increases poshness or attractiveness I think, but it's been a long time).

The actual ingredients do alter so you have to listen to what he says, if you already have certain clothing items or already sport dreadlocks for example he choose something else you need to wear and have.

If he's not responding remove all clothes all hairstyles and on and on then add just what he wants to see.

If he doesn't respond try pressing the A button, moving away say to the middle of the pond then going back and pressing it again if he doesn't respond/ Sometimes he takes a couple of mins to respond, but mostly for me, I just press the A button and he continues as he should.

If you've already passed the dialogue of him telling you what you need, there might be a chance it mentions it in your quest log but I can't recall ever looking there and reading what he wanted. There are guides on the net that will tell you all the combinations but if he mentions a silver cloak he actually means he should have asked for one not that he needs it. Press A again if this is the case and he should open up, sooner or later!

If all else fails and you are one of those that hate (it's like marmite, you either love the game or loathe it) the game just pop me a msg and I can pop the Demon Door Achievement for you no problems :)

cheers done what you said and it worked thank you