Bridge Wyvern, What did I miss and Humanity?

     *Spoiler Alert*

    Hey everyone, couple of things here... First of all, how do you kill the Bridge Wyvern (Red Dragon)? I can't go toe to toe with it and I've tried pelting arrows into him from underneath but once he reaches a certain point he just curls up and heals, even with poison arrows... which I'm suspecting he might be immune to.

    Secondly, I've rang both of the bells (killing all necessary bosses along the way), I killed the hydra in the forest and the moonlight butterfly, got past Sen's Fortress and worked my way through Anor Londo all the way up to the part with the two snipers who really enjoying making me fall to my death. So after getting frustrated I've come back to the beginning area. Is there anything I can do or anywhere I should go? I have this feeling that I've missed some stuff around Quellag's Domain.

   Finally, humanity. Where can I get more of it? I know that rats drop it, but I tried about 10 farming runs on the rats in the depths and I didn't get a single drop. So any advice on that would be much appreciated.


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The only way I was able to kill the dragon was to glitch it to death...


You can always help people with bosses to get humanity.

go back to the archers and just run you need to be taking the path to the one on the right get past him drop down a ledge and you have a bonfire just inside to the left.

Trying to take the archers out at a distance can be suicide as they can reload faster than you.

    Those archers are brutal, I was thinking about stocking up on poison arrows and trying to pick them off from a distance in their blind spots. But maybe I'll just book it like you said since their is a bonfire immediately after.

    Thanks for the heads up on helping people with bosses, I did a few runs on the moonlight butterfly as a phantom and stocked up a little bit.

For farming humanity:

Try to get this ring before you do your Depths-rat-runs:

It'll boost your discovery from 100 to 300! With it equipped I was able to farm about 30 humanity in about 1 1/2 hours.

    Oh nice. I was never able to figure out how to reach that when I went through Sen's Fortress, was wondering what the Hell it was too. Thought it might have just been a soul or something.

    I ended up having to take out the Bridge Wyvern head on after all. To my surprise, he only took five hits from my Black Knight Halberd +5. I'm guessing he only has around 2,000hp. So if anyone can't get him to fall off, or take him out from down below. Just keep dashing up and down the stairs and go for his feet as he stomps by.