Breath of fresh air

It's funny, I didn't pre order this. I wasn't sure that I wanted it, because I had played Fallout 3 and Borderlands a ton, and this looked too similar to get me interested. I have always been a fan of iD, but they hadn't made a game in so long that I didn't know what to expect.

Well, I beat Gears3 and felt like getting a new game, so I ended up picking this up anyways. I am so glad I did. The combat is perfect, and that is the main thing this has over Fallout. It's hard to explain what I mean by that, but the weapons have "weight." They feel good when you fire them, or even reload. Things like the wingstick are a joy to use and never get old. Then there driving bits; races, vehicle combat, those aspects of the game are done well, and it's impressive the way the game can mix the two genres seamlessly.

I have spent over 10 hours on disc one alone. I keep doing things like the mutant bash tv over and over, and try to get the acheivements for the minigames.

That reminds me. The minigames are pretty fun also. I've probably spent at least a couple of hours between them and little side missions like the postal run or sniper cover.


Anyways, if you're on the fence about this game, like I was, you may end up being pleasantly surprised with all it has to offer. In the "post-apocalyptic" genre, it's a breath of fresh air.


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Good read, I'm like you just taking my time and doing everything I can. I just made it to Disc 2 today, I'm hoping ill get to go back to Wellsprings area though, I forgot to do something.

Yeah I am also curious if you'll be able to go back or if you're permanently cut off. So far I like the MP stuff too, even though I'm getting my rear handed to me.

This game is awesome! It's easily the best looking Xbox 360 game, but I just wish there was more to do. It took me about 14-15 hours to beat the game on Normal, including the side-quests, all races, mini-games, jump locations, etc. For a FPS (which is what Rage primarily is), 14 or so hours would be considered quite a lot, but with the game's world feeling like it should be free-roam, the quest system, and all the RPG-lite elements, Rage feels like it should be a much longer experience.

The MP is fun for a few nights, but it's only there to extend your time with the game for a few hours. I'm really looking forward to doing some of the standalone co-op missions, but that shouldn't take too long, even on Nightmare difficulty. All in all, I could see myself getting 30-40 quality hours out of Rage, but I wish it just had more content. I'm hoping for some DLC!

The only other nitpicks I have with Rage are the racing controls and the sound. While the shooting mechanics are solid, the racing controls feel a bit iffy. I think it might just be with the racing aspect in general, they should've put some more effort into it, but with that said, it didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the races or driving around the wasteland.

The sound is a mixed-bag and nowhere near as amazing as the graphics. Some parts of the game, like crawling through the sewers or running around Dead City sound great, other parts aren't. I noticed sound cutting out here and there, sometimes the NPC's voices would sound like there were either too quite or in another room, and when there was a lot of action going on, I heard crackling in the sound. It's definitely not my headset because no other game does it.

Overall I'd give Rage a 9.5/10 for it's amazing graphics, and for the fact that it felt fresh, unlike so many shooters today.

Good stuff @Deadly. I also wish it had more and was longer, but that's only because I enjoy it so much I don't want it to end. I've heard others mention the sound; I have 5.1 surround in my living room and haven't noticed anything negative about it, but then again I haven't been looking for it. I'll pay more attention later when I get back to it. I do remember playing Medal of Honor, and even though it wasn't the best game, I remember thinking it had awesome sound design and effects.

I will feel some disappointment at the games' length if it's only 15 hours, and everyone says the end is terrible, but I'm up to 13 hours now on disc one. I don't think I'm going slow, I'm just taking my sweet time I guess lol.

I feel  a little disappointed in Gears 3 to be honest, because I beat it and idk if I'm really into it's MP, aside from horde. Horde seems awesome, but I've yet to play it with ppl online. Point is, as of now, I have got more enjoyment out of Rage than I did out of Gears3, and I haven't even beat Rage yet. Hopefully I'll pick Gears back up sometime after the fall releases.

The ending to Rage was a bit abrupt and anti-climatic, but I didn't think it sucked at all, it was pretty good.