Breakpoint: Invasion

You Blew It Up! 13 
Noble 1: Blow up the research facility in a matchmade Invasion game on Breakpoint.  

This gametype and map hardly ever comes up. When it does people never vote for it. I have been trying to get this achievement playing Premium battle and Invasion and I can never get it. If you need this achievement too and or want to help me send a message to Volcano.


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If you end up not finding people here, I recommend getting a full team of friends and joining together and just all vote for Breakpoint: Invasion. (Your gamertag is awesome by the way; love how it's just 'Volcano'. xD)

I don't know, I've always preferred Breakpoint Team Doubles.

i'd be willing to jump in and help out if you need help.

I think i got pretty lucky as invasion on breakpoint popped in my 1st or 2nd game i played in premium battle playlist.  Best off playing in a full party though so you can make you get the vote when it does come up.