Breakable Wall above you with a Riddler Trophy?

In one of the underground areas, think just before a door leading to the subway there's a riddler trophy sitting just above a breakable wall but i can't for the life of me figure out how to break through it. No angle to it with zip line, tried gliding, boming and pulling up but can't get enough height, don't see anyway to get above it, totally lost on this one. Any help appreciated.


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u talking about the collapsed streets area? there is water beneath you? if so then across from the ceiling you are able to zip line then go up one more step dive jump and pull up and you destroy the ceiling and you can then batclaw the trophy.

I had huge problems with this one as well, thought I was supposed to use Catwoman to get it. I solved it by first making an ice block in the water with the Freeze Blast, then used the Grapnel Boost on the ledge beneath the breakable wall to burst through it. Then use the Batclaw to grab it.

yes grappnle works also cuz it launchs you up.

I think he's talking about the area within the subways, after you rescue the nurse from the Thugs.  There's a small room with the riddler trophy above you, but you'll have to break the ceiling to get it.

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