Breach: Good or Bad?

Is Breach any good? I tried the online demo a few months back and it seems very buggy and laggy. Have there been any improvements to the game?
I'm just looking for something new to play until Battlefield 3 (tired of the COD games right now). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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The game is good but the lobby system is bad causing lag etc.

I think its the only XBLA title i regret buying. Noit even worth close to the 1200MSP asking price. Section 8: Predujice is a much better option.

It's pretty average IMO.

Bad! I still remember the horrific experiences that still haunt me till this day.

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I really, really liked it until it got publically released, at which point the servers didn't seem able to cope and all the lag and tech problems began. I think they've improved it now, but I haven't been on in a while. It's very much a marmite game though: it's slow, tactical gameplay as opposed to run and gun which gives it a fairly small niche to work with.