Brand New Pictures of NINJA GAIDEN 3 !!! BLOODy!!

Man, Ryu is back and leaving a bloodshed!

Check it out here!


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Cant wait. I hope its as fasta nd tough as the first games in the series.

nice pic.


Hack and slash games don't do it for me like they used to. Still gonna play this game. But I just can't hyped about it.

Is Ninja Gaiden II worth playing before this one?

[quote user="CrazyMvM94"]

Is Ninja Gaiden II worth playing before this one?



You have got to play the staircase. It's awesome.


Looks like they're picking up with the 'fiend infection' from NG1. 

Nice, hopefully this time, Team Ninja won't pull a Ninja Gaiden II Sigma on us and give us what the Ps3 gets as well.

That's one of about 5 games that make me want a PoS3.  I hope they focus less on red spray paint & giblets and more on weapon variations. I wonder what kind of tweaks they're going to put into combat or if they'll stick with the tried & true.

They announced that you have to do the first playthrough as an armadillo...then you get Ryu, and a new costume(DLC charges may apply).

Very bloody, looking forward to playing this at some point.