Boxed copy of Destiny and digital version of Taken King? Is this doable?

So the title pretty much says it all. Can I use the digital download of The Taken King (the 40 buck version) with my boxed copy of Destiny (the base game)? If anyone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the help as I was under the impression that the base digital of Taken King would only be usable if you own Destiny digitally.



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Hello "DarthTatorz"  :)


I have the disc copy of Destiny and I already purchased The Taken King ($40) so it is definitely doable  :)

The Taken King is already installed in my HDD but it won't be playable until the expansion is officially released.

Also, I do hope that you have The Dark Below DLC and House Of Wolves DLC because The Taken King requires them also  :)


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "DarthTatorz"  :)


It is listed on the Bungie website that this in fact doable.  I don't remember the exact link offhand but it is officially posted that disc copies will work with a digital edition of the taken king.  (as long as you have both expansions as well).