Is that cover we keep seeing over again the finalized boxart?  Is it just me or is this one even worse than the one for ME2?  I know that many don't really care if it comes in a brown paperbag, as long as we get a fitting finale, but I don't understand why they can't get this right.  The ironic thing is that the first game has one of the best jackets for any game, how is it that they follow that one up with these two gong shows.  I personally prefer the one that we first saw with just the black background and the title on it, there's just something not right about the look of this one, in my opinion of course, what do you think?


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Absolutely, and do you recall Microsoft teaming up with a company to make actual replicas of your avatars in life statue form? It costs a small fortune, but this is just a print of a personalized Shepard game cover, so it's not as expenno. However the infrastructure for it to get running may set them back initially, but otherwise this could really work to their favour though, knowing how popular the franchise is, and how dear it is to us fans.

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That would make YOU the pervert though, not Waffle.

Don't be hatin' on Waffle, that's my job


My favorite was the N7 logo with the steel background. Simple yet sexy.

Jet black box. ME3 logo. Job done.

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[/quote]And carp, I'd bet. Nasty mud-eaters.

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How about this: Waist shot of Shepard gun in hand looking fierce and battle torn, armor a mess, cut on face, etc. Perhaps even a bust shot where he takes up the majority of the cover, but its transparent. Behind him is a shot of earth in shadow, and behind Earth is a descending army of Reapers. The foreground could have a deep blue, and as you get further back toward the reapers it turns a fiery crimson to represent the struggle of morality (like the star behind TIM's lair.)


Picture the ME1 Collector's edition box with reapers instead of Saren's face, reddish colors around where Saren's face is and bluish colors around where Shepard is transitioning into one another around the top of Earth, no squadmates, Earth instead of an anonymous planet/eclipsing star, and Shepard in a different pose and situated a little lower and closer to the camera. I would marry that box.

[/quote] lol wayyy to dramatic. Keep it simple.

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That's because NV wasn't nearly as good as Fallout 3 or Oblivion. You could pick either up for a bargain, you should try 'em out

(I agree on GOTY)

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