Bowerstone Castle door?

In the room where the map table is in, there is a door which keeps saying "this door is locked" does anyone know how to open it? i know it could just be a decorative door but then why would it say "this door is locked" because the door in the library said the same thing but you can open that?


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The one in the map room I believe it linked to a puzzle with the statues in the room. You would need to google it I cannot remember, but I know it has something to do with the statues in the room.

No thats where the castle library is and you unlock a chest. if you notice the door leads to the throne room if i am correct. it just can't be open and i don't get why though it should be opned it would be easy access to the throne room when you have to make a decision instead of haveing to walk around the castle.

Really? That door seems to be open in my game........ are you certain you are talking about the one in the map room?